Tuesday, August 13, 2019


New Release! 

Angel, Book 1 in the Sacred Oath Reverse Harem Series!

Book 1 in my brand new reverse harem series!


I am so excited about this book! 

This is my new favorite series to write and I spent a LOOONNNGGG time researching to help my fantasy worldbuilding because this book is big on fantasy and big on worldbuilding!

I think you'll really enjoy it!

Angel, Book 1 of the Sacred Oath Series: 

I don’t know who I am or where I came from.
The only thing I do know is that I’m running from something.
And there’s a voice inside my head that guides my every move…

When I’m taken prisoner to be thrust into a lifetime of prostitution, I learn I’m an angel. Yes, I bear the markings on my back: markings that reveal my wings have been removed. But when my only ally, a foul-mouthed sprite, insists my wings are intact, I realize the danger I’m facing.

I need protection. And that protection can only come from three magically powerful men who were destined to protect the balance between shadow and light:

Dragan, a gargoyle and the King of Shadow;
Cambion, an elf and the King of Nature;
and Baron, a vampire and the King of Death.

At one time there were four but Variant, the King of Light, grew greedy and usurped control for himself. He banished Cambion to the fae realm and Dragan to the shadow realm. And he murdered Baron.

And now Variant is after me.


“If the angel has no wings, there’s no amount of my shadow magic that could make them appear,” I say.
It takes the sprite a moment or two to understand what I’m getting at. Once he does, his eyes go wide and he begins shaking his head, holding up his hands in obvious supplication.
“Look, Shadow Prince, I dunno why yer magic ain’t workin’ but I’m tellin’ you what I saw. This angel got her wings,” the sprite says, but he appears nervous. “You’ll see. Besides, it ain’t like yer jist gonna leave her here, are ya?” He glances around and seems to become frightened by his surroundings.
The Shadow Realm is hardly safe, littered as it is by bloodthirsty creatures and the undead. Were I to leave the sprite and the girl here alone, they would undoubtedly be killed within a half hour, at most.
And even I’m not that horrible..

Check out the video trailer!


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