Thursday, August 1, 2019

Introducing a brand new series!

Hi All!

Just wanted to introduce my newest series, The Sacred Oath Series! The first book, Angel, is coming this month!

This is a reverse harem/ why choose paranormal romance series and I really think you'll love it!

Here's what to expect:

I don’t know who I am or where I came from. The only thing I do know is that I’m running from something. And there’s a voice inside my head that guides my every move…

When I’m taken prisoner to be thrust into a lifetime of prostitution, I learn I’m an angel. Of course I bear the markings on my back: markings that reveal my wings have been removed. But when my only ally, a foul-mouthed sprite, insists my wings are intact, I realize the danger I’m facing.

And I need protection. Protection that can only come from three magically powerful men who were destined to protect the balance between shadow and light:

Dragan, a gargoyle and the King of Shadow;
Cambion, an elf and the King of Nature;
and Baron, a vampire and the King of Death.

At one time there were four but Variant, the King of Light, grew greedy and usurped control for himself. Cambion and Dragan were banished to the fae and shadow realms and Baron was… killed.

Now Variant’s after me and without protection, I’m as good as dead.

And here's a video trailer:

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