Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What would you do if you heard ghostly voices talking about you?

Usually when Jami Kehr tells people about her haunted house, she gets one of two reactions...

Some people roll their eyes and say “yeah right” and others ask why Jami and her family still live there?!

After Jami told me her story, I wondered how she could still live there, myself. I would have been scared stiff! What I can say for Jami and her family is they are BRAVE!

Without further ado, here is Jami Kehr’s ghost story!

In 2003 we were living in Saint Louis, MO. Our children were four and almost two. My boss at the time lived in a small town a little over an hour North in Illinois. We went to visit and fell in love with the area. Even better, we found a house that was in foreclosure and got it for a steal. 

The first sign that maybe something wasn’t right happened when my brother brought some furniture over to the house before we moved in. When he arrived, it was dark and all the lights were on in the house even though we hadn’t even moved in yet! Not only that, but the barn lights were flashing on and off. He was so freaked out, he put all of our furniture in the mudroom and left. When we arrived the next day all the lights were off. 

We moved in and unexplained things started happening right away. The first night, my husband went downstairs to get a drink and when he started down the stairs, he could hear people talking about us. One voice was a woman who asked who we were and a man said not to worry.

(Note from HP: At this point I think I would have promptly moved out!)

The TV would turn on by itself and switch through all the channels. Lights would turn off and on, doors would open and shut. We were constantly hearing voices and footsteps. 

One night our three-year-old son was in his room and yelled for us. He said there was a man with a top hat staring at him from the corner of the room. My husband got up to check it out and when he left, the door to our bedroom slammed shut. My son refused to sleep in that room ever again.

About a year after we moved in, I went to bed and my husband was watching TV on the couch. About two hours later, I saw him standing in the doorway. Then he walked in and got in bed. The next morning when I rolled over, his side of the bed wasn't touched. It turns out that he’d slept on the couch. I can’t explain who got into bed with me. 

When I went to sign my kids up for school, the nurse asked me how we were able to live in the house. She said everyone knew it was haunted. Apparently the house played a part in the Underground Railroad and rumor had it that the former owners were completely crazy. The man even painted his family name on the roof but no one knew why.

When we bought the house, there was a coffin and animal skulls in the barn. There was also a piano. We had a psychic come out and before she even stepped foot into the barn, she said, “there's a piano out there.”
Apparently, the piano had belonged to an older woman from the town. When she passed, somehow the piano ended up in our barn. The psychic said the lady comes back every now and then to make sure it's still there.

The barn where the piano showed up

The house has caught fire twice.

Eventually things calmed down. Now the house only gets active when we do some kind of major change to it or to the property.

My son still won't stay in that room though. 

Yikes! I don't blame him!

Interestingly enough, Jami told me that after she shared this story with me, the activity started up again... Jami's daughter was in the kitchen when the bathroom door slammed shut and the light turned off! 

I got chills when she told me that!  

Thank you to Jami for her story! 

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